Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The process of Painting Daily

An update from my studio (ArtSpace) and my studio at home (my kitchen):  I've painted (almost) daily since January 1, 2015 either in my studio or in my house or on some days, in both, usually painting anywhere from 3-8 hours, both on these small 6x6 acrylics and also on my larger oils.  I haven't posted a painting everyday,  but that doesn't mean I'm not painting daily.  I've been torn...painting everyday, but not always ready to post a "ready for sale painting."  I want to take advantage of posting my work everyday both here and on Leslie Saeta's (Blog Talk Radio Show Artists Helping Artists) blog for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, but also want to post "finished work." I've made the decision to post "in progress" pictures daily for the remainder of the challenge and put a link to the gallery when I have works ready for sale on  Daily Paintworks (with link here on my blog).  A red dot means a work is sold.  I'm hoping now that I don't have the pressure to finish daily, I might actually finish more of them! 

This is an "in progress" shot of the same one that "Brian" introduced last week.  I'm not sure where it's going, but my focus has been on trying to capture the drama of the light.  I think I like the roses in the earlier picture and may try to regain that quality.  I'm liking the quality of the light I'm getting in the chrysanthemum.  I definitely have some work to do on the vase, background (too blue...want it to be more neutral) and foreground...
Same floral painting couple days later.  Still work to do, but I like the light on the chrysanthemum.

First photo (in progress)  6x6 floral painting shown here by Brian the dog.

See you tomorrow! 
PS Stay tuned for 10 Reasons Painting Daily is Good For You....