Saturday, January 31, 2015

13* Paintings in 30 Days

WHitney Heavey daily paintings ocean art
13 Daily Paintings by Whitney Heavey
The challenge that host, Leslie Saeta from the Blogtalk Radio show, Artists Helping Artists, set was to paint daily (primary goal) for 30 days.  The idea was to post daily a finished painting both here and on Leslie Saeta's blog

Things I got done in January 2015:
  • started the year with a polar plunge in Chatham on Cape Cod!  Check out the plunge here!
  • painted daily (almost)
  • finished 13 daily paintings (I have about 4 more that I started, but haven't finished). You can find the finished ones here at Daily Paintworks
  • spent a lot of time painting at both at my studio & home 
  • worked on larger paintings. To see some of the "in progress" shots click here.
  • hired a bookkeeper to help me get my business accounting online (bye bye paper ledger)
  • organized my studio (thanks studio mate Sandy for storage shelves!) 
  • went to a couple of art openings
  • booked a college tours trip for my daughter using credit card mileage to pay for all FIVE nights of hotels.  Thanks Chase Rewards! All my time at Market Basket is paying off!
  • got this done all while my family had bronchitis, walking pneumonia, the stomach flu and a wicked nasty cold  (luckily, none of these got me).  Hmmm, maybe painting is good for the immune system??
So while I could choose to focus on what I didn't do (17 paintings), I am choosing to feel happy that I got so much done in just one month!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

1513 Just a Memory

1513 Just A Memory by Whitney Heavey

I saw the ocean on Friday and, already, I miss it!  To bid on this 6"x6" original acrylic painting, click here.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

1512 Crescent

whitney heavey painting of flowers
1512 Crescent by Whitney Heavey

Today's title was inspired by the crescent moon tonight (Thursday) and, ironically, by my purchase of something at the market that I NEVER buy...CRESCENT ROLLS in a CAN!  My daughter was home sick and I thought she could use some comfort I bought her crescent rolls in a can and her favorite doughnut muffins by a local baker friend of mine, Karen Collins of Bisousweet Confections (check them out...they are AWESOMELY delicious and way better than those crescents in a can btw...different species really). So, all this talk of gluten and now I'm TOTALLY distracted and WAY off topic.  Anyways, CRESCENTS...that's the story of the title (oh, and maybe there are some crescent shaped brush strokes in this little painting, too)!

You might notice that this little group of flowers is the same scene as the painting from yesterday.  Yesterday's painting had many "transitions" over the course of MANY days.  This one came together faster and, for once, I decided to leave it alone and preserve the looseness that I feel at the beginning of a painting and I like it! It was pretty liberating to stop at this point.  This was my goal of this 30 day learn to let go and not continually edit to the point of losing the "spontaneity" of the earlier stages of a painting.  I would love it if I could actually make these daily paintings as a "warm up" for my bigger work of the day instead of  consuming all of my painting time in a day!  Baby steps!

If you would like to bid (starts at $95) on 1512 Crescent, a 6"x6" original acrylic painting, please click here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1511 Chemistry

square painting of roses and chrysanthemums and ranunculus
1511 Chemistry
After painting from home today, I spent the earlier part of the evening at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in New Hampshire with a group of artists who had their work on display there. It was rewarding to hear about how much the patients appreciate the rotating art exhibit.  I know firsthand how true this is because when I was a cancer patient in treatment for non hodgkin's lymphoma two years ago, I liked to look at the artwork on display around me while I was waiting...and waiting...for blood to be drawn, for chemo and radiation to be administered, for scans to be taken, for doctors to give me those results (the hardest waits of all).  The artwork was an escape from cancer.  It took me to a better place.

If you would like to bid on "1511 Chemistry", an original 6"x6" floral acrylic painting on cradled board, please click here.

New Year, new paintings...

A couple of seascapes that I'm working on in my studio

New 8"x8" surfaces that I am prepping with under paintings for a series that will go to Mark August in Chatham, Cape Cod

Still working on this little floral 6x6 close...but not done yet.
Yesterday was a productive day in the studio.  I got a shipment of new 8x8 panels which I painted with oil paint thinned with Gamsol in various colors which will just serve as under paintings for a series of 8x8 seascapes which will head to Mark August in Chatham this winter....hopefully to be hung together on one wall in their beautiful store.  The two bigger works are paintings which I started this fall.  They are both somewhere in the middle stages of completion.  I'm excited to get back to them.  The bottom image is of the little daily painting 6x6 that I posted yesterday.  I worked on it last night after dinner, but still have a few things that need resolution.  It's helpful seeing the pictures posted together...I'm realizing I much prefer the white flower and the sense of light in the 2nd photo...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The process of Painting Daily

An update from my studio (ArtSpace) and my studio at home (my kitchen):  I've painted (almost) daily since January 1, 2015 either in my studio or in my house or on some days, in both, usually painting anywhere from 3-8 hours, both on these small 6x6 acrylics and also on my larger oils.  I haven't posted a painting everyday,  but that doesn't mean I'm not painting daily.  I've been torn...painting everyday, but not always ready to post a "ready for sale painting."  I want to take advantage of posting my work everyday both here and on Leslie Saeta's (Blog Talk Radio Show Artists Helping Artists) blog for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, but also want to post "finished work." I've made the decision to post "in progress" pictures daily for the remainder of the challenge and put a link to the gallery when I have works ready for sale on  Daily Paintworks (with link here on my blog).  A red dot means a work is sold.  I'm hoping now that I don't have the pressure to finish daily, I might actually finish more of them! 

This is an "in progress" shot of the same one that "Brian" introduced last week.  I'm not sure where it's going, but my focus has been on trying to capture the drama of the light.  I think I like the roses in the earlier picture and may try to regain that quality.  I'm liking the quality of the light I'm getting in the chrysanthemum.  I definitely have some work to do on the vase, background (too blue...want it to be more neutral) and foreground...
Same floral painting couple days later.  Still work to do, but I like the light on the chrysanthemum.

First photo (in progress)  6x6 floral painting shown here by Brian the dog.

See you tomorrow! 
PS Stay tuned for 10 Reasons Painting Daily is Good For You....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1510 Hopeful

Flower bouquet painting by artist, Whitney Heavey
1510 Hopeful by Whitney Heavey

Daily Painter who paints flowers
Another view of Hopeful by Whitney Heavey, 6"x6", acrylic on cradled board.

Today was a day of highs and lows.  It seemed like whatever I heard was either extreme.  It was like riding a roller coaster.  One of the highs of the day was hearing from a gallery that one of my paintings had sold to a former presidential candidate!  Anytime you sell a painting, it is exciting, but this tidbit of news added to the excitement factor.  Anyways, I was going to name this painting "Candidate", but wasn't sold on the title.  As an alternative, I came up with "Hopeful".  With hope, so much is possible. 

To bid on this 6"x6" original floral acrylic painting, please click here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#159 Wednesday Waves

Ocean painting by Cape Cod artist
Wednesday Waves
Another wave painting for Wednesday.  Bidding starts at $95 for this 6"x6" acrylic seascape painting.  To purchase, click here

#158 Wave Hello to Tuesday

Wave painting by Cape Cod artist
Wave Hello to Tuesday
Sorry for not posting earlier today!  Sunny winter days make me think of summer and summer makes me think of the ocean!  If you would like to bid on this 6"x6" original seascape acrylic painting on cradled board (finished edges and ready to hang or sit on a shelf as is), please click here. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#157 Ranunculus

painting of ranunculas
Sorry for the pause in my posting of my daily paintings.  I've been painting lots every day, but just wasn't compelled to post at the end of each day...always wanting to tweak a bit more.  The dilemma of an artist:  when to call a piece finished.  This is why this is such a good challenge for me.  When is  a painting finished?  I am constantly thinking about this and often wish I could show my work midway as often there is a freedom at that point that you don't feel as a work comes to completion.  It is going to be one of my goals in this particular let go and release these little paintings at the end of the day.  

Oh and btw, in the language of flowers, ranunculus means "dazzled by your charms.”  I would have to agree with this definition.  There is something very charming about its wiggly stem, wild leaves and orb shaped pop of color.

If you are interested in purchasing this floral 6"x6" acrylic painting, please click here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#156 Bye Bye Monday Tulips*

2156 Bye Bye Monday Tulips*
Ok, a couple of housekeeping notes:

*After I posted this, I realized that the color of the photo was not an accurate representation of the actual this is the new photo.  It is a much more muted/rosy toned painting that the original pic I posted...sorry for the confusion!
  1. if I disappear for a couple of days, it's not because I'm not painting or forgot about my challenge. Most likely it's that a painting is just taking longer than I wanted (today) or because my studio desperately needs to be reorganized (Wednesday) or because I really need to get working on my bigger oils and maybe I just couldn't fit it all in with non-art life (ie kids). I'm guessing you will understand.  My goal is to finish thirty of these little paintings in as close to thirty days as my non-perfect fully human self can manage and I'm confident you will be cool with that!
  2. I'm in my 9th year of being a professional artist and it's officially time to really get organized and set up some systems like computerized bookkeeping, image cataloging (think 28,000+ photos.. personal and professional... all blended together in a big ol' pot of iPhoto Stew), and inventory tracking (what ever happened to that painting and where is the darn photo). 
  3. A consistent numbering system from this point forward will help keep track of all work.  Each painting will have a unique number and they will be chronological.  So...this number 2156 painting stands for 2015, #6.
  4. I'm also going to try to name more of my paintings (even the little ones) anything unique.  My brain starts to overheat when I try to remember different paintings all named "Waves".
  5. Are you interested in bidding on this 6"x6" floral painting?  If yes, click here.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

#155 Back to School Tulips

Floral Painting by Daily Painter,  Whitney Heavey, Red, Pink, Tulips
Bold Tulips by Whitney Heavey
I'm not sure what possessed me to start another #30paintingsin30days during the longest Christmas school vacation ever.  Well actually, I know I would have NEVER painted during this week without it, so for that, I am grateful.  I've been a bit pressured to finish these daily paintings during a time when my family is home 24/7 and during a time when I was planning on catching up with the enormous amount of bookkeeping I have from my holiday sales.  So today, I decided, I had to get bold with these tulips and show them who was in charge and not let them take over every spare minute.  So, they did take a bit longer then planned, but I didn't let them take every minute of today.. and even managed to get to church and do about 1/3 of my bookkeeping. 

Tomorrow I head back to my studio and am so excited to have a place where there isn't all the distractions of home.    One of the reasons I love a New Year is that winter is such a great time for me to hole up in my studio and paint like crazy without the pull of warm weather outside or the distraction of the holidays.  Painting in the winter is like a vitamin for this sun starved artist!

If you would like to bid on this 6"x6" acrylic painting, "Back to School Tulips",  please click here.  Good luck!

#154 Sunshine Tulips

floral painting by artist Whitney Heavey acrylic
To bid on this 6"x6" painting, click here.

Friday, January 2, 2015

#153 I'm Still Cold From Swimming Yesterday Waves

Cape Cod wave painting by Whitney Heavey artist
Daily Painting #22 (2015 #3) Waves by Whitney Heavey
The count down to summer has officially begun (January 1st is when we start the countdown in our home).  To bid on this 6"x6" acrylic painting, please click here.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

#152 My Polar Plunge Was Colder Than This Wave

daily painter Whitney Heavey Cape Cod artist ocean waves
Daily Painting #21, (2015 Daily Painting #2), Waves
In honor of the polar plunge 3 of the 4 members of my family does every New Year's Day here in Chatham, MA, I thought a painting of waves would be appropriate...though these were from a photo taken last summer during warmer times!  Today's temp was 38degrees at 3pm, but the wind (24mph) made it feel MUCH colder.  Looking forward to getting back into the ocean when the temps are more like the day shown here!  To bid on this 6"x6" acrylic painting, please click here.