Saturday, January 31, 2015

13* Paintings in 30 Days

WHitney Heavey daily paintings ocean art
13 Daily Paintings by Whitney Heavey
The challenge that host, Leslie Saeta from the Blogtalk Radio show, Artists Helping Artists, set was to paint daily (primary goal) for 30 days.  The idea was to post daily a finished painting both here and on Leslie Saeta's blog

Things I got done in January 2015:
  • started the year with a polar plunge in Chatham on Cape Cod!  Check out the plunge here!
  • painted daily (almost)
  • finished 13 daily paintings (I have about 4 more that I started, but haven't finished). You can find the finished ones here at Daily Paintworks
  • spent a lot of time painting at both at my studio & home 
  • worked on larger paintings. To see some of the "in progress" shots click here.
  • hired a bookkeeper to help me get my business accounting online (bye bye paper ledger)
  • organized my studio (thanks studio mate Sandy for storage shelves!) 
  • went to a couple of art openings
  • booked a college tours trip for my daughter using credit card mileage to pay for all FIVE nights of hotels.  Thanks Chase Rewards! All my time at Market Basket is paying off!
  • got this done all while my family had bronchitis, walking pneumonia, the stomach flu and a wicked nasty cold  (luckily, none of these got me).  Hmmm, maybe painting is good for the immune system??
So while I could choose to focus on what I didn't do (17 paintings), I am choosing to feel happy that I got so much done in just one month!



Tracy Augustine said...

That is very impressive!

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks Tracy!

martine paquet said...

Congratulations, Tracy !
You paint such happy paintings..a pleasure to see!

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks Martine!