Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holding onto Summer!

Perfect Day, 24x24, SOLD

After such a crazy winter with record snowfall in New England this year, I am doing my best to hold onto this Cape Cod summer despite it passing by way too fast.  The constant keep-you-on-your-toes weather changes are baffling at times and force me to be more spontaneous (and sometimes those weather changes are literally from one side of town to the the other)!  At the close of each day, I find myself saying, don't waste a minute tomorrow...take it in, breath that Cape air, live, experience it even if it's just taking a moment to walk down to the water after dinner or stop and take a quick dip in the ocean between real life stuff like work and family.  One of my favorite ways to stay present is to stop at the Lighthouse overlook (see painting below) when I'm on a run and look out at the ocean and take a deep breath and feel happy to be alive.  I find it to be a very centering 10 seconds.  The ocean and it's gifts never stop amazing me!

Often, I never get to personally thank my collectors.  I like to think that maybe they follow me if they do and you are one of them, then this is for you!  

Dear Art Collector, 

Thank you for collecting my work and giving me more reason to get out and experience the beauty of summer, nature and the ocean so that I can absorb it enough to put it on canvas. 

Big Blue 48x60, SOLD

I hope the painting(s) you purchased is a constant reminder of sunny skies, the salty sea and that magic Cape Cod air long past the happy days of summer.  

Rhythm, 8x8, SOLD

Lighthouse Beach Overlook, 30x30, SOLD
Thanks again for being a supporter of the arts!  You rock!

With sincerest gratitude, 

(also known as the sporadic blogger)