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2018 and the Story Behind the Title, "Devotion"

DEVOTION: "Love, loyalty, or  enthusiasm for a person,  activity, or cause."
Thank you to my followers, my family, my collectors (repeat and brand new), my gallery folks, my friends (online and in person), my mentors and my promoters (my mom being one the biggest 😘)! Your devotion to me and my art has been truly incredible. Making art brings me such joy, but it's not without it's rough patches of hair pulling, juggle and struggle (both on the creative and business sides), but these episodes are always worth it when "the magic" happens. For me it's been a process of showing up every day, taking care of myself, getting organized, doing the work and seeking wisdom from those who know a lot and are generous enough to share. Having you all stick around to see what's next is truly humbling and I couldn't be more grateful.

One of my most favorite paintings I finished this year is titled "Devotion". I named it DEVOTIONfor several reasons. It rhyme…

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