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How To Buy Art For Someone You Love

Art makes a great gift!  It's personal, unique, lasts forever and really can be quite affordable if you consider how long it brings the recipient pleasure.  

Of course, there is a lot of insecurity about buying art for someone.  After all, it's such a personal thing, right?

11 Tips on How to Buy Art as a Gift:

1.BUDGET.  Set a budget you can afford.  Consider how long art lasts and provides joy.  If you compare to flowers which last for about a week, art really can be quite affordable!

2. RESEARCH. Find a few local places you can look at art or consider looking online (Instagram is good place to start). Often local art associations run small works shows around holidays with gift giving in mind.  Consider looking in small downtown areas in stores, galleries, artists' coops, coffee shops etc.  You will be more likely to find small original works of art in these locations. 

2. Think TRADITION: Maybe you will buy one piece a year. Think of the wonderful collection you could acqui…

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