Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outer Beach II

This painting is part of my new sky/water series. The light in this photo reminds me of the kind of evenings where being out on the water feels spiritual. The air is warm, but the chill of the Atlantic Ocean floats a light layer of fog just above it. The light is so subtle, almost mystical.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Clouds II

This painting is 24" x 24". It is from a new series on which I am working. I have been wanting to paint the simple combination of sky, land, sea and this is it. If you are familiar with my previous work, this series is quite a bit quieter than some of my past work. It is forcing me to explore different ways of applying paint. I enjoyed reading about how Turner tried to not capture how a scene looked but, how it felt to be experiencing the ocean and sky. This is also a fun series for me because my source is the outer beach off of Chatham, MA which is dear to my heart. It is truly a magical little strip of land that is constantly challenged and changed by the two powerful forces around it, air and water. It is SOLD. Stay tuned for more paintings from this series. Clouds I (previously posted) is also from this series. Photo credit: