Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#156 Bye Bye Monday Tulips*

2156 Bye Bye Monday Tulips*
Ok, a couple of housekeeping notes:

*After I posted this, I realized that the color of the photo was not an accurate representation of the actual photo...so this is the new photo.  It is a much more muted/rosy toned painting that the original pic I posted...sorry for the confusion!
  1. if I disappear for a couple of days, it's not because I'm not painting or forgot about my challenge. Most likely it's that a painting is just taking longer than I wanted (today) or because my studio desperately needs to be reorganized (Wednesday) or because I really need to get working on my bigger oils and maybe I just couldn't fit it all in with non-art life (ie kids). I'm guessing you will understand.  My goal is to finish thirty of these little paintings in as close to thirty days as my non-perfect fully human self can manage and I'm confident you will be cool with that!
  2. I'm in my 9th year of being a professional artist and it's officially time to really get organized and set up some systems like computerized bookkeeping, image cataloging (think 28,000+ photos.. personal and professional... all blended together in a big ol' pot of iPhoto Stew), and inventory tracking (what ever happened to that painting and where is the darn photo). 
  3. A consistent numbering system from this point forward will help keep track of all work.  Each painting will have a unique number and they will be chronological.  So...this number 2156 painting stands for 2015, #6.
  4. I'm also going to try to name more of my paintings (even the little ones) anything unique.  My brain starts to overheat when I try to remember different paintings all named "Waves".
  5. Are you interested in bidding on this 6"x6" floral painting?  If yes, click here.  

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c.dingman said...

Wonderful color. Nice cropping, it really adds to the composition.