Thursday, January 22, 2015

1512 Crescent

whitney heavey painting of flowers
1512 Crescent by Whitney Heavey

Today's title was inspired by the crescent moon tonight (Thursday) and, ironically, by my purchase of something at the market that I NEVER buy...CRESCENT ROLLS in a CAN!  My daughter was home sick and I thought she could use some comfort I bought her crescent rolls in a can and her favorite doughnut muffins by a local baker friend of mine, Karen Collins of Bisousweet Confections (check them out...they are AWESOMELY delicious and way better than those crescents in a can btw...different species really). So, all this talk of gluten and now I'm TOTALLY distracted and WAY off topic.  Anyways, CRESCENTS...that's the story of the title (oh, and maybe there are some crescent shaped brush strokes in this little painting, too)!

You might notice that this little group of flowers is the same scene as the painting from yesterday.  Yesterday's painting had many "transitions" over the course of MANY days.  This one came together faster and, for once, I decided to leave it alone and preserve the looseness that I feel at the beginning of a painting and I like it! It was pretty liberating to stop at this point.  This was my goal of this 30 day learn to let go and not continually edit to the point of losing the "spontaneity" of the earlier stages of a painting.  I would love it if I could actually make these daily paintings as a "warm up" for my bigger work of the day instead of  consuming all of my painting time in a day!  Baby steps!

If you would like to bid (starts at $95) on 1512 Crescent, a 6"x6" original acrylic painting, please click here.

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