Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Year, new paintings...

A couple of seascapes that I'm working on in my studio

New 8"x8" surfaces that I am prepping with under paintings for a series that will go to Mark August in Chatham, Cape Cod

Still working on this little floral 6x6 close...but not done yet.
Yesterday was a productive day in the studio.  I got a shipment of new 8x8 panels which I painted with oil paint thinned with Gamsol in various colors which will just serve as under paintings for a series of 8x8 seascapes which will head to Mark August in Chatham this winter....hopefully to be hung together on one wall in their beautiful store.  The two bigger works are paintings which I started this fall.  They are both somewhere in the middle stages of completion.  I'm excited to get back to them.  The bottom image is of the little daily painting 6x6 that I posted yesterday.  I worked on it last night after dinner, but still have a few things that need resolution.  It's helpful seeing the pictures posted together...I'm realizing I much prefer the white flower and the sense of light in the 2nd photo...

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