Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Painting #13 1/2, "More Roses (again)"

Daily Painting #13 1/2 "More Roses (again)"

So, I am painting those three white roses again...though this time I made them a bit pinkish.  I can tell I might have to paint these multiple times.  White roses present a good challenge in seeing planes of space and how the light affects these planes...oh, and the color WHITE and how neighboring colors impact it's effect.  

I was in my studio today for TEN HOURS.  These daily paintings are definitely a challenge...but the kind of challenge I enjoy.  I was listening to "Artists Helping Artists" on Blog Talk Radio with Leslie Saeta.  I've been enjoying hearing these radio shows while I work.  She keeps talking about the #30Paintingsin30Days and how there are no rules and the best advice is to "paint ahead"...meaning, be ahead on your paintings so that you don't have the pressure to come up with a new painting on the due date (a lot of artists, like me, don't do their best work under pressure).  I started out ahead, and maybe got a little too relaxed plus went on a college trip, and BAM, I'm behind.  I attempted to get a lot done today...ten hours later...and I'm a little further along but, though not really.  I think it's officially time to keep paints both at home and at my studio for those days that I can't be at my studio.   I'm hoping to speed up my work, work more loosely, trust my first instincts, and try painting some new subjects, color palettes, and techniques.   

Check out my Facebook page for updates on the two holiday sales that I am participating in (btw, the timing of doing this 30 paintings challenge is definitely interesting as I am also preparing work for these holiday sales - small paintings on board and on paper, cards, and a small selection of handmade jewelry).  Good thing I love what I do!

PS If you would like to bid on this latest 6"x6" acrylic painting, "More Roses", click here.

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