Thursday, April 10, 2014


The pessimist complains about the wind

The optimist expects it to change

The realist adjusts the sail

-William A Ward

A lot of blues going on in my studio plus some new canvases for a commission I'm starting. 
I'll be honest, I started 2014 with ambitious goals for my art career.  I am working the most hours I have since having kids, but all these "plans" for growing my art business is taking more time than I thought.   I love what I do, but the day is just too short.  I find the thing that sucks the most time out of my day is the work on the computer...specifically, working on the "perfect" blog know... well designed, beautifully written, showcasing my art with professional quality photographs, well functioning (complete with all the bells and whistles and social media buttons), clever, links to all the incredible artists, talks, blogs I have discovered, and perfectly poised to boost traffic...oh, and full of life changing meaning.  IKR!!! So, for now, I am perfecting my "to do" list and will chip away at all the goals I have but, without sacrificing too much actual studio time. 

This collage is a detail of a large canvas that sits against on of the walls of my studio.  I am constantly adding paint to it and one day, I hope it will feel finished.  I think what many people don't realize is that when they look at one of my "finished paintings", there might be thirty paintings underneath.   Every painting is a surprise.  Where it goes is never predictable and kind of fun (and kind of agonizing at times, especially when I paint over something that upon reflection, was actually interesting)A common struggle I have with my work is whether to develop a painting further to reach new heights even at the risk of destruction or call it finished, perhaps prematurelyBoth paths require risk and confidence in myself.  I think I will try to publish more of these progress to see the progression.
See you soon!


elizabeth said...

love the idea of posting stages of paintings. and screw perfect - our own idea always pales in comparison to what someone else might call perfect.

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks! Yes, no sense in trying to be perfect when I never have been! PS Your posts are pretty darn close imo! xoxo

rob said...

I really relate, Whitney. Keep up the process!