Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Horizon Line Placement and It's Emotional Impact

I always think its fun when I finish a work and realize that it works both right side up and upside down.  This happened for the piece above.  I like it both ways and though after some time and an informal facebook poll,  I am going to title it with the horizon on the bottom side.  

I think it is interesting to think of titles for each orientation and how they might be different.  

Low Horizon (what I'm calling it for now) suggests a floating quality though with the horizon low it feels more grounded as a composition.  Release or weightlessness.  A passageway. A place that is more spiritual. You're almost there or maybe you are leaving.  An end or a beginning.  The future is ahead.  What does it say for you?
low horizon piece to be titled

For the one I'll call High Horizon, I am thinking of a traveler heading home.  I'm thinking of destination.  The land in the distance becomes goal.  There seems to be more distance to travel, but you're almost there. Or maybe it's the end of a day.  Or maybe the land you are leaving.  What does it say for you?
high horizon piece to be titled

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