Sunday, November 17, 2013

Riding the Waves

I have been inspired by the ocean for years and was particularly moved by the waves one cold and crisp day during a beach walk last March.  I took a ton of photos that day.  I could not get enough of these waves which just came in one after the other.  The range of blues was incredible.  The energy powerful.

Seven months later, I finally got to explore these waves in oil paint in my studio.  I set out with several small (6" and 8" square cradled gesso boards) with the intention of painting these to explore the possibility of blue, the range of color combinations and the compositions.  Once I am done with the small studies, I plan on moving to some larger size surfaces where I will have more room to explore paint application and texture.  In the meantime, most of these have landed on the shores of Cape Cod just in time for holiday gift giving at (a wonderful store in downtown Chatham, MA filled with contemporary ocean inspired gifts, jewelry, art, and home decor).  Follow me here to see the large wave paintings when they roll in...

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