Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

When I return to the studio after the holidays, I always feel like it is a new beginning and often that feeling leads to some frustration as I figure out which direction to head in the new year.
My "to do" list to get the ball rolling:
1. clean my studio and clear the decks.
2. sand some old unsuccessful paintings to prepare for new paint (the above image is one of those happy accidents). It was a landscape on top of a "dot" painting. As a result of the dot texture coming through, I never liked the landscape. Sanding it today revealed these dots of the undercoats popping into the landscape. It sort of became a confetti filled landscape which I thought was appropriate for celebrating 2012...or it could be the bugs and plant bits that fill the air on a spring day.
3. my next project is to make several mono prints and drawings
4. order new cradled gesso boards and some paints
5. go through my idea books and photos
6. do some writing

1 comment:

Karen said...

Can I add something to your list??? How about scheduling a class around the end of January to make Valentine creations? I'm still bummed that I missed the class you held last year. Any interest??? :)