Friday, January 27, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 16 "With A Smile"

Daily painting by Whitney Heavey
With A Smile

To purchase this original acrylic 6x6 painting on cradled board for $125, please contact me at the "contact artist" on the right side of this page.

This painting title is in honor of two special people who passed away today and yesterday, Mary Tyler Moore and my husband's "Uncle Jack".  Both always had a smile for you. MTM gave me confidence as a little girl that I could have any career I wanted when I grew up and Uncle Jack always wanted to hear my opinions of interests we shared.  I knew I was one of the family when I made it onto his "clipping service" list which meant I would receive in the mail articles clipped from the newspaper that he thought would be of interest to me!  Uncle Jack was surrounded by smart women (from his wife and daughter to his granddaughters, great granddaughters and grandnieces) and took great pride in them all. I will miss the smiles of both these people who had a positive impact on me and the many women and girls around them (and some men, too!)! Rest in peace Mary Tyler Moore and Uncle Jack!

Lyrics to Mary Tyler Moore Show song:

Who can turn the world on with her smile? 
Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? 
Well it's you girl, and you should know it 
With each glance and every little movement you show it 
Love is all around, no need to waste it 
You can never tell, why don't you take it 
You're gonna make it after all 
You're gonna make it after all 
How will you make it on your own? 
This world is awfully big, girl this time you're all alone 
But it's time you started living 
It's time you let someone else do some giving 
Love is all around, no need to waste it 
You can never tell, why don't you take it 
You might just make it after all 
You might just make it after all

To listen to the song, click here. 


Gayle said...

What an endearing nostalgic trip into the past listening to the Mary Tyler Moore song - Hadn't heard it in years, and then to read the lyrics . . . Bonus! Never realized the uplifting message in them. A wonderful tribute to her. I'm enjoying your daily paintings of the many moods of the ocean and the sweet titles you give to each one. Congratulations on taking on the "30 in 30" challenge and sticking to it.Only a few more days to go! Here's a quote for you: "When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused." (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Hi Gayle, Thank you so much for your nice note! I've done the challenge before, but this is the furthest I've gone in the challenge. I'm determined to finish all 30! I really appreciate your noticing the titles. I love the quote you sent and am going to file that in my ocean quotes. I totally agree with the quote. The ocean really brings so much inner peace and strength. I just have to listen! Best, Whitney