Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Whitney Heavey's art
Dazzled in a temporary resting spot in my home before I shipped it to the collector.
Original art by Whitney Heavey
Dazzled, 24x24, oil on board, SOLD

This is a painting I started LAST SPRING!!!  I continue to attempt to figure out why some paintings take FOREVER and some paintings come together quickly. In any event, I was very fortunate to have a repeat collector take an interest in it from a progress picture I posted on Instagram.  I shipped it off Monday and, hopefully, it will arrive safely  in Florida by Thursday.  I'm going to attempt to post more pictures of my work in homes as I think it is helpful for potential buyers to see how their work looks on an actual wall.  Sometimes, I think it's hard to see a painting online without the reference of size on the wall, etc.  

Ocean painting by Cape Cod artist
The painting, Dazzled, looks a bit darker than in real life.
I also would hang it a bit lower.


alidiza said...

Gorgeous!!! What a lovely addition to any home:-)

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks Alice!