Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#151 Red Tulips

Red Tulips painting by Whitney Heavey, Cape Cod artist
2015 Daily Painting #1, Red Tulips by Whitney Heavey
I guess I'm still in holiday mode with the red and green tulips, but they are just such a pretty pop of color this time of year!  Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you follow along as I embark on another #30paintingsin30days challenge!  I'm really excited to start the year painting everyday!  To bid on this painting click here.


martine paquet said...

I like it ...It is so festive!
Happy New Year!

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks Martine!

Joan Tavolott said...

I love the vibrant at this time of year!

Whitney Alexanderson Heavey said...

Thanks Joan! When winter gets bleak here in New Englad...I need to paint more color!