Monday, January 17, 2011

Concord Art Association Members Juried I show reception

These are the two paintings that got juried in: "Persistence" and "No Regrets". Both 30" x 30" oils on cradled board. Stop by and see the show if you can!

PS regarding the titles...Persistence was named on the day when my youngest daughter was sailing in her first regatta in her little sailing dinghy. The weather started out with pea soup thick fog which then cleared to reveal a windless couple of hours followed by a stiff wind. She had some tough races that day and had a pretty traumatic end to her last race but, never gave up. After the finish, I thought she is either going to give up sailing altogether or be hooked. She was hooked!
The No Regrets title came after a New Years' Day swim here in New England. I realized that when given the opportunity to take a dip in the ocean, one should do it so that there were no regrets for the swim one didn't take.

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