Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stage Harbor

I painted this last Spring when I was working on a lot of very quiet paintings with very simple compositions. After months of painting quietly, I occasionally needed to paint in a loud, energetic, happy way. It was refreshing to paint in this style. This painting was inspired by the often crazy level of activity found in Stage Harbor in Chatham, MA on a busy summer weekend when everyone is scrambling to take advantage of being on the water on one of the all too few summer weekends. It always reminds me of that old movie, The Boatniks. This time of year, I miss those summer days of boating, though the colors of Fall and deepening light are beginning to capture my interest. This painting is 24" x 24" and was currently juried into the Frances N. Roddy Open Competition at the Concord Art Association. It is currently available for sale! Another painting from this "Summer Fun Series" was "It's the Best Time of the Year." SOLD.

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