Sunday, February 8, 2015

How To Buy Art For Someone You Love

valentine's day gift ideas
Available small works by Whitney Heavey (all under $100)
Art makes a great gift!  It's personal, unique, lasts forever and really can be quite affordable if you consider how long it brings the recipient pleasure.  

Of course, there is a lot of insecurity about buying art for someone.  After all, it's such a personal thing, right?

11 Tips on How to Buy Art as a Gift:

1. BUDGET.  Set a budget you can afford.  Consider how long art lasts and provides joy.  If you compare to flowers which last for about a week, art really can be quite affordable!

2. RESEARCH. Find a few local places you can look at art or consider places online that sell small works...either daily paintings website (like or Etsy.  Often local art associations run small works shows around holidays with gift giving in mind.  Consider looking in small downtown areas in stores, galleries, artists' coops, coffee shops etc.  You will be more likely to find small original works of art in these locations.

2. Start SMALL.  It is easier to find somewhere for a small piece of art than a large one.  Another option is to give multiple pieces (ie two 6x6 paintings can be hung together for a bigger statement but also can be hung separately).  Small works of art can be displayed in places other than bookshelves, table top easels, etc

3. THINK about the gift recipient and what they love...what makes them smile.  Flowers?  Specific colors?  Animals?  A certain place or trip?  A favorite food or activity?

4. Consider the unique PERSONALITY and style of the recipient and their home and/or clothing.  Do they like earthy tones or bright colors, do they favor realistic images or more traditional.  What art do they already own if any?  Do prefer serious images or more whimsical?  Traditional or modern?  Quiet or loud?  Bold or subtle?  What famous art do they like?  Paint or pen?  Thought provoking or smile inducing?  These are just a few questions to get you thinking about what that special someone might like.

5.  FIND an ARTIST you like (or you think the person would like) or perhaps, one that you know and ask the artist for suggestions.  Artists want the person who ends up with their work to be happy so will try to make sure it's a good fit.  Ask artist friends for suggestions for other places to find art.  

6.  GIFT CERTIFICATES.  Many artists will put something together suitable for wrapping.
That's my version of gift certificates in the lower left hand side of the collage above.

7.  Personal CONNECTION.  Giving a piece of art that relates to something special that you share with the recipient can be a very thoughtful idea.  Some ideas are favorite place or trip or perhaps you always give the recipient pink tulips or something that evokes a memory that only you two understand.  Anything goes!

8.  Have FUN.


10.  Nice WRAPPING and a beautiful NOTE will only make a gift that much more special.

11. DON'T WAIT until the last minute!  Buying art takes a little bit of time and effort (and the gift recipient will appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness:)

*All the paintings in the collage above 6"x6" and are available for purchase.  Prices range from $60-95.  Feel free to email me if you are interested in purchasing any of these.  
Let me know if you purchase or receive art this Valentine's Day.  I would love to hear from you!